CSE 190 M Extra Sessions

Each week, our TAs will present some extra neat material that we didn't have time to cover in lecture. The sessions will be after class on Fridays, at 1:30 - 2:20pm in BAG 154.

Session 9

Online game (CATS Online) powered by node.js and html5 canvas. By Shiny and Mason.



Session 8

Alex gave a demonstration on how to create a simple game using HTML5 canvas and JavaScript.


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Session 7

Today Roy talked about some specific issues that make IE frustrating for developers and how to develop in a way that looks good in IE as well.


  • icon slides.pdf : The pdf contains links to many html pages that demonstrate the bugs and fixes.

Session 6

Today Roy talked about jQuery, a popular alternative to Prototype. We worked through some examples that illustrate jQuery's power.


Session 5

Today Alex showed some neat JavaScript libraries. Marty also showed how JavaScript handles scope and how to avoid declaring any global variables or functions.



Session 4

Today Shiny showed how to set up MySQL on UW's "virgil" server and how to use SQL and PHP to create a little message board in the style of 4chan.


Session 3

Today Roy and Alex talked about HTML5 forms and client-side validation.


Session 2

Today Mason Remy presented about how to make a web site that displays better on a smart phone; and Tanner talked about how to create an HTML image map, where one image contains many links to different pages.



Session 1

Today Alex talked about the new HTML5 audio and video tags, and how to embed your own fonts in a web page using CSS3; Shiny also talked about how to use CSS3 to produce 3-D transformations and animation effects.


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