View Homework Grade Sheets

(check MyUW if you are not sure)

When your TA is finished grading you, he/she will publish your grade sheets here for you to see. Your total score will also show up on your MyUW page. An assignment's grade sheets will not be visible until its lateness cutoff has been reached.

If MyUW shows a different score than the total on the grade sheet you see here, please email your TA immediately.

If you use Firefox 3 and see an error message about "Secure Connection Failed" and an invalid security certificate, you must click "Or you could add an exception...", then "Get Certificate", then "Confirm Security Exception".

DISCLAIMER: Any grade sheets you view on this web site are to be viewed only by the student named in the grade sheet. Sharing the contents of your web grade sheet with other students taking the course in future quarters will be considered an academic integrity violation, and may be punished by disciplinary action against both parties.

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