Creating a cse154 Working Directory

First and probably the most important thing: create a directory that you will do your CSE 154 work in! A new subdirectory will be created for each assignment. We recommend the following structure:



Atom is our recommended text editor. Follow this tutorial on how to set up the Atom editor for this class.


  • The easiest way to use Git in this class is with Atom. You can find a walkthrough for getting started with Git and your first CSE 154 CP1 repository in the following tutorials based on your operating system:
    • Mac
    • Windows
    • Lingering Git/Atom issues? Check out this REALLY awesome FAQ
  • If you don't want to use Atom with Git and you don't have Git installed on your computer:
    • If you are on a Windows machine, we suggest you get git for windows
    • An older tutorial (from 18au) for how to setup Git on the command line
    • Otherwise, you can find a complete set of instructions for installing Git here.


You will need a Chrome browser on your machine for debugging and checking the level of accessilibity of your web pages using the Lighthouse tool. Please make sure this is on your computer.


Note: You only need Atom, Git, and Chrome for the first few weeks of the course. But soon we will be working with local servers using MAMP. We recommend installing these as early as possible to "complete" your CSE 154 development environment, though it's not required until later.

Set up the Windows or Mac version depending on your system:

If you have a text editor, Git and your first CSE 154 repository cloned, a browser, and MAMP, then congratulations! Your CSE 154 web development setup is complete!