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This is a rough sketch of the quarter that is likely to change. We can accurately predict the past, but predicting the future is hard! In particular, all future assignment dates should be considered tentative and subject to change.

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week 1: welcome! printing, methods, types
Jun 21
Course Policies, println

Jun 22 LAB
Java basics, println

Jun 23
simple programs, static methods, commenting

Jun 24 Section
Intro to Java

Jun 25
types, expressions, variables

week 2: for loops, parameters, Strings
Jun 28
for loops, print

Jun 29 LAB
expressions, variables, for loops

assessment 1 due
Jun 30
nested loops, class constants

Jul 01 Section
for loops and expressions

Jul 02
parameters, Strings

week 3: interactive programs, returns, Math
Jul 05 no class
University Holiday - Independence Day

Jul 06 LAB
parameters, Scanner, Strings

assessment 2 due
Jul 07
Strings, Scanner

Jul 08 Section
parameters, String, Scanner

Jul 09
returns, Math class

week 4: conditionals, information flow, indefinite loops
Jul 12
conditionals, cumulative sum

Jul 13 LAB
returns, cumulative algorithms, conditionals

assessment 3 due
Jul 14
cumulative algorithms, chaining/information flow

Jul 15 Section
conditionals, cumulative sum

Jul 16
fenceposts, while loops

week 5: indefinite loops, Random, booleans, simulated midterm
Jul 19
sentinel loops, Random

Jul 20 LAB
while loops, Random, midterm review

assessment 4 due
Jul 21
boolean, assertions

Jul 22 Section
while loops, Random, midterm review

Jul 23 optional
simulated midterm; debugging (optional lecture)

week 6: file processing, arrays
Jul 26
token-based file processing

Jul 27 LAB
file processing

assessment 5 due
Jul 28
line-based processing, file ouput

Jul 29 Section
file processing, file output

Jul 30

week 7: arrays, object-oriented programming
Aug 02
array traversal, reference semantics

Aug 03 LAB

assessment 6 due
Aug 04
array shifting

Aug 05 Section

Aug 06
object-oriented programming, fields, instance methods, encapsulation

week 8: more OOP, inheritance
Aug 09
toString, constructors, inheritance

Aug 10 LAB
object-oriented programming

assessment 7 due
Aug 11
polymorphism, Critters

Aug 12 Section
object-oriented programming, Critters

Aug 13
more Critters

BJP 9.3

week 9: wrap-up
Aug 16

Aug 17 LAB
content review, ArrayList

assessment 8 due
Aug 18
victory lap

Aug 19 Section
TA choice

Aug 20
Critters tournament

Tournament Results:
Gold - Alec Bunn
Silver - Kenny Sorrel
Bronze - Sakshi Verma
Runner Up - Ethan Hu