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Support Hours

We'll be using Discord as our Support Hours queue platform this quarter. We aim for Discord to be an environment where you can comfortably collaborate with others, intuitively queue yourself for hours questions, and build community with your peers. Please give us frequent feedback as we are still in the experimental phase of using online tools like Discord in this course. Remember that TAs do not monitor this Discord except during their assigned Office Hours times. For staff help outside of Support Hours times, please post on Ed.

Joining Discord

You can find the links to join our course Discord in the Resources tab on Ed. There are two ways to use Discord: by using a Discord account, or by joining anonymously (Separate links are provided for each option).

Thanks to the staff of CSE 373 from Summer 2020 for piloting these instructions.

Note that Discord is a 3rd party application. Course staff will never release your personal information on Discord without your permission. If you choose to create a Discord account, you have the option of putting in personal information such as your real name or email address, but doing so is NOT necessary to participate in office hours. TAs will generally help you via Zoom after getting to you on the queue, so it's possible to treat Discord as nothing more than an anonymous queueing system.

Queueing for Office Hours

  1. Once in Discord, either with an account or anonymously, go to the #hours-queue channel
  2. Send a single message to enter yourself into the queue. In the message:
    • Start with @TA_on_Duty, which alerts all TAs currently running OH
    • Include a brief description of your question(s) and/or issues you are running into
    • Mention which assessment, assignment, or problem you're asking about (if any)
  3. Once it is your turn to receive help, we will send you a direct message with instructions to talk with a TA.
    • While you're waiting, chat with other students in other channels to find people you can work with!
    • The #hours-queue channel is the office hours queue. When you enter the above message, you enter the queue. The TAs will typically help students in chronological order.

Office Hours Schedule