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 CSEP 510: Human Computer Interaction
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 HW 2 (Jan 22)
 HW 3 (Jan 29)
 HW 4 (Feb 5)
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CSEP 510 Human Computer Interaction
Instructor: Richard Anderson, anderson@cs.washington.edu

Teaching Assistant: Alan Liu, aliu@cs.washington.edu

Topics (revised, but still subject to change)
  • Jan 8. History of HCI. You should read Vannevar Bush's paper, "As We May Think" (find the Atlantic Monthly Article with Google).
  • Jan 15. Usability.
  • Jan 22. Cognitive and Process Models
  • Jan 29. User studies
  • Feb 5. Computers and People (Design, Ethnography, Values)
  • Feb 12. Speech and Pen Input
  • Feb 19. Handwriting, Whiteboards and Reco
  • Feb 26. Multimedia
  • Mar 4. CSCW
  • Mar 11. Ubicomp

The course workload will consist of regular readings, along with assignments. Assignments will involve some programming, although there will not be a major programming project. Some of the programming assignments are likely to involve the Tablet PC. You can develop for the tablet pc on a desktop machine - some tablets will be available for testing and experimentation.

Mailing List and Threaded Archives
We will be using a mailing list, managed by Mailman, for administrative and instructional purposes.  Please sign yourself up ASAP.

To post to the mailing list, send email to csep510@cs.washington.edu.  (Not to cse510@cs.washington.edu, without the 'p', as that's a totally different class!)

You can add yourself to the mailing list or browse a threaded archive of the mailing list using the following web page: http://mailman.cs.washington.edu/mailman/listinfo/csep510

Note: Mailman has a badly designed user interface. In order to access the archives, you need your list password, which is not the same as your CSE password. In order to get your password, you need to go to the list info page, then go to the bottom, and use the "unsubscribe or edit options" form. (Who's the genius who thought that up?) On the resulting page, there's an button for sending you a password reminder.

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