CSEP 510, Homework 6, Due Thursday, February 19, 2004, 6 pm


Implement Quikwriting. You may use whatever platform / environment you wish. Conduct a short user study related to your implementation. You may choose what question you want to investigate - for example you could look at how performance improves with practice. You may be the subject of your experiment (although this is obviously not a good experimental practice).

Information about QUikwriting is available from the Quikwrite website, including their short paper in UIST'98.

You may restrict your implementation to only the lower case letters.

If another form of stylus input (e.g., Dasher or Cirrus) seems more interesting, go ahead and implement it instead.

Turn in a summary of what you did, screen shots, and the results of your user studies. You may also turn in your code, but we will not look at it carefully.