CSEP 510, Homework 8, Due March 4, 2004, 6 pm

Attentional marks

Part A

This assignment is to design an algorithm for determining which ink strokes are attentional marks for WebViewer and Classroom Presenter. You are to give a design of an algorithm not an implementation of your algorithm.

You may assume that you have full geometric information on ink strokes as well as timing information on strokes. You may also assume you have access to the slide content, including the text, and the location of the text on the slide. You may even assume you have the instructors speech, and have speech to text capabilities.

You should describe your algorihtm at a high level. The description should allow someone to hand simulate the algorithm on WebViewer data. There is not need to give low level implementation details. You may assume necessary primitives. One approach would be to model the algorithm on primitives provided by the Tablet PC SDK (but you do not need to do this).

Part B

Hand simulate your algorithm on the following slides using web viewer. Some of these examples are tricky - in some cases the coding of attentional marks will be debatable. Your algorithm does not need to be perfect, but in your writeup you should discuss the descrepancies.

How well does your algorithm work in identifying the attentional marks?

Are revisions necessary to your algorithm?.

Webviewer notes