CSEP 510, Homework 3, Due Thursday, Jan 29, 2004, 6 pm

Fitts' Law

Write a program to test Fitts' Law. Your program should time a collection of targetting tasks, where the distance moved and the target size varies. Plot the results and evaluate how well your results correspond to Fitts' law.

I suspect that you will see the strongest correspondence with Fitts' law if the target width is small - if the target width is large then then the movement cost will dominate.

You may use whatever platform you want for the test. If the Tablet PC SDK is convenient for you to use, it would be interesting to experiment with this on the tablet - however, if you are not familiar with Visual Studio, it is probably not worth doing this for the Tablet.

What to turn in

Write a couple paragraphs, describing what you have done and evaluating your results. Provide a summary of your results. It's fine if your results have no correspondance with Fitts' law - just do a clear analysis. Include a screen shot of your application [Make sure your screen shot is a JPG or something compact - to send a 2M .BMP!]. You should also turn in your source code - just so that we can evaluate what you have done [but we are not going to evaluate your code].