CSE 599d - Quantum Computing

Winter 2006

Instructor: Dave Bacon (dabacon at gmail dot com)
Lectures: Monday, Friday 1:30-3:00, Wednesday 1:00-2:30 in CSE 503
Office hours: By appointment in 460 CSE

Course Description: An introduction to and survey of the field of quantum computing. Quantum computation is an emerging field whose goal is to design effectively atomic sized computers which exploit the parallelism of the quantum mechanical laws of the universe. While this sounds futuristic, quantum computers are fast becoming a reality, and have the potential to revolutionize computation over the next twenty years. Topics include quantum algorithms, quantum error correction, and quantum information. This course will give you the knowledge to understand why quantum computers can break certain public key cryptosystems, the engineering challenges in building a physical quantum computing device, and the level of security assured by quantum crytopgraphic devices. Prior knowledge of quantum theory is not necessary.


Course Syllabus (updated 1/3/06)

Lecture Notes and Supplementary Material:

Introduction and Basics of Quantum Theory (updated 1/4/06)
Dirac Notation and Basic Linear Algebra for Quantum Computing (updated 1/6/06)
One qubit, Two qubit (update 1/10/06)
The No-Cloning Theorem, Classical Teleportation and Quantum Teleportation, Superdense Coding (updated 1/11/06)
The Quantum Circuit Model and Universal Quantum Computation (updated 1/20/06)
Reversible Classical Circuits and the Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm (updated 1/20/06)
The Recursive and Nonrecursive Bernstein-Vazirani Algorithmm (updated 1/23/06)
Simon's Algorithm (updated 1/26/06)
The Quantum Fourier Transform (updated 1/26/06)
Quantum Phase Estimation and Arbitrary Size Quantum Fourier Transforms (updated 1/26/06)
Shor's Algorithm (updated 1/30/06)
Grover's Algorithm (updated 1/31/06)
Mixed States and Open Quantum Systems (update 2/8/06)
Quantum Entanglement and Bell's Theorem (updated 2/8/06)
When Quantum Computers Fall Apart (updated 2/8/06)
Introduction to Quantum Error Correction (updated 2/10/06)
The Quantum Error Correcting Criteria (updated 2/13/06)
Stabilizer Quantum Error Correcting Codes (updated 2/12/06)
Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation and the Threshold Theorem (2/12/06)


Homework 1 (pdf ps) due: Friday 1/20 Solutions to Homework 1 (pdf ps)
Homework 2 (pdf ps) due: Friday 2/3 Solutions to Homework 2 (pdf ps)
Homework 3 (pdf ps) due: Friday 2/17 Solutions to Homework 3 (pdf ps)