CSE 590DM: Database Group Meeting

Winter 2001

Fridays 2:30 - 3:20, EE1 045


Anhai Equivalences among Aggregate Queries with Negation 4/27
Ashish Pipelining in Multi-Query Optimization 4/27
Gerome On XML integrity constraints in the presence of DTDs 4/20
Monitoring XML Data on the Web 5/4
Igor Multiobjective Query Optimization 4/20
Isaac Minimization of Tree Pattern Queries4/27
Querying Partially Sound and Complete Data Sources5/4
Jayant Selectivity Estimation using Probabilistic Models 4/20
On the Design and Quantification of Privacy Preserving Data Mining Algorithms 5/4
Maya A Robust, Optimization-Based Approach for Approximate Answering of Aggregate Queries 4/27
Pradeep On Supporting Containment Queries in Relational Database Management Systems5/4
Rachel Generating Efficient Plans for Queries Using Views 4/20
Optimizing Queries Using Materialized Views: A Practical, Scalable Solution 4/27
Yana Flexible Queries Over Semistructured Data 5/4
Zack Optimal Aggregation Algorithms for Middleware 4/20

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