CSE 558 (Winter 2011) – Beyond Programmable Shading

Beyond Programmable Shading

Course Schedule

This page gives the course schedule and PDFs of the slides used in the lecture.

NOTE: This schedule is tentative and is subject to change.

  Topic Materials
M 01/03 Introduction: Why is graphics programming changing and open problems in real-time rendering
W 01/05 A trip down the 2003 rasterization graphics pipeline (DirectX9)
M 01/10 A trip down the 2011 rasterization graphics pipeline (DirectX11)
W 01/12 Rendering effects review Assig. 1
M 01/17 No class (Martin Luther King day)
W 01/19 GPU architecture I: how GPU shader cores work "A Closer Look at GPUs"
M 01/24 Parallel programming I: intro to parallel programming (and Cilk, OpenCL, DirectCompute) Due: assig. 1
W 01/26 Graphics with GPU Compute Languages
M 01/31 GPU architecture II: scheduling the graphics pipeline
Mike Houston from AMD, Guest lecturer
Assig. 2 (Due Wed, Feb 9)
W 02/02 Parallel programming II: data-parallel algorithms (scan, reduce, sort, etc) Hillis and Steele paper
Prof. Guy Blelloch's publication page (see early 1990s)
Prefix Sum on wikipedia
Intel's Array Building Blocks (ArBB)
CUDPP: CUDA data-parallel primitives
M 02/07 Project idea lecture: review of recent research, open problems, etc.
W 02/09 Parallel programming III: programming graphics pipelines on CPUs and GPUs Due: Assig 2
M 02/14 Hard shadows: render-analyze-render Due: project proposals
W 02/16 Order-independent transparency: render to user-defined data structure
M 02/21 No class (President's day)
W 02/23 Parallelism in game engines
Natasha Tatarchuck from Bungie, Guest lecturer
M 02/28 Post-process depth-of-field Due: project status reports
W 03/02 Real-time ray tracing on CPUs and GPUs
Bill Mark from Intel, Guest Lecturer
M 03/07 Evolving the real-time rasterization pipeline: 5D rasterization, micropolygons, etc.
W 03/09 Wrap-up, what's next for research in real-time rendering and programming models?
Thurs, 03/17 Final project presentations Note: Special finals time of 2:30pm - 4:20pm


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