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Lecture Notes

Week Date Monday Wednesday
1 Mar 29,31 Course Introduction (ppt) (pdf) SQL (ppt) (pdf)
2 Apr 5,7 More SQL (ppt) (pdf) Data Modelling (ppt) (pdf)
3 Apr 12,14 XML, XQuery (ppt) (pdf)
4 Apr 19,21 Transactions (ppt) (pdf)
5 Apr 26,28 Database Theory (ppt) (pdf)
FO Semantics (ppt) (pdf)
Database Theory - II (ppt) (pdf)
6 May 3,5 Database Theory - III (ppt) (pdf) Database Theory - IV (ppt) (pdf)
7 May 10,12 Storing Data, Indexes (ppt) (pdf) Relational Operators, Sorting (ppt) (pdf)
8 May 17,19 Physical Operators (ppt) (pdf) Optimizations (ppt) (pdf)
9 May 24,26 Optimizations (ppt) (pdf) Database Security (ppt) (pdf)
Paper on Advanced SQL Injection

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