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You can track your assignments through our Canvas portal. Please check submission formats for each assignment. Please contact the course staff when in doubt.

Reminder, our class discussion happens using the class discussion board should you have any questions or run into issue, please contact the course staff.


Link to Assignment Turn in Link Due Date
HW1: Finding AT around us Canvas HW1 10/3
HW2: Disability Justice Canvas HW2 10/9
HW3: Web/App Access UARS Canvas HW3 10/16
HW4: Web/App Access Report Canvas HW4 10/30
HW5: Post GUI Accessibility Canvas HW5 10/30
HW6: Accessibility Implementation Canvas HW6 11/6
HW7: Final Project Proposal TBD 11/13
HW8: Final Project Checkpoint TBD 11/20
HW9: Final Project Presentation TBD 12/12


Regrades are done per competency, not per assignment. All regrade requests must be submitted at least a week ahead of the last class of the quarter. Please check with your TA about what exactly is required for a regrade for any given competency.


Assignment grading will be broken into two parts, as described in the syllabus. The first part will be participation, which adds up to 10% of your grade. The second part will be broken into competencies. Some of these are assessed only once, some multiple times. We have broken these into categories as described below. In addition, everything you submit in this class has to have inclusive language and include accessible documents.

Your grade in the class will be based on whether you achieve non competent, competent or excellent in each of these topics, averaged over all the times that you are assessed.

Disability Awareness and Justice

Competency Assessed in Which Assignment?
Disability Justice HW2, Final Project
Finding First Person Accounts of Disability Technology HW1, Final Project
Familiarity with a Range of Accessibility technologies HW1, HW6, Final Project (by choice)
Presenting Accessibly HW1, Final Project

Accessibility Compliance

Competency Assessed in Which Assignment?
Accessibility Problem Fixes HW4, HW6, Final Project (by choice)
Accessibility Technology Based Accessibility Checking HW3, HW6, Final Project (required)
Automated Accessibility Checking HW3, HW6 (by choice), Final Project (by choice)
Correct use of Web/App Accessibility Rules HW4, HW6, Final Project (by choice)

Accessible Media

Competency Assessed in Which Assignment?
Accessible Presentation Creation HW1, Final Project
Image Description HW1, HW3, Hw5, HW6, Final Project
Plain Language Writing HW2, Any Reading response (by choice)
Accessible Document Creation HW4, HW6, Final Project