CSE 461: Introduction to Computer Communication Networks, Winter 2017
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Lectures: MWF 10:30-11:20 JHN 175
Section AA: TH 01:30-02:20 MGH 295
Section AB: TH 02:30-03:20 MGH 295

Who Office Hours
Kurtis Heimerl, Professor
kheimerl at cs.washington.edu

M 11:30-12:30, Th 11-12
CSE 528

Sixto (Joshua) Rios, Instructor
jrios777 at cs.washington.edu

W 4 PM - 5 PM, CSE 006
or by appointment

Zhitao (Reid) Zhang, Instructor
zzt124 at cs.washington.edu

T 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM, CSE 218

Peter McEldowney, TA
pmceldow at cs.washington.edu

F 2 PM - 3 PM, CSE 006
or by appointment

Required Textbook Computer Networks (5E 12), Peterson

Class mailing list The class email is cse461a_wi17@u.washington.edu. It's updated nightly from the official registration list, and uses your u.wash email address.


Note that homeworks and projects run concurrently and are due at 11 pm
on the due date.

Assignment Release Date Due Date
HW 1 1/6/17 1/15/17
Project 1 1/9/17 1/22/17
HW 2 1/13/17 1/25/17
HW 3 1/25/17 2/8/17
Project 2 1/22/17 2/12/17
HW 4 2/8/17 2/26/17
Project 3 2/12/17 3/5/17
HW 5 2/8/17 3/10/17

Lecture Slides

Course Introduction

History of Networking

Components and Protocols

Physical Layer (Modulation, Media, and Limits)

Link Layer (Framing, Error Detection)

Link Layer (Error Correction)

Link Layer (Correction, Retransmission, Multiple Access)

Link Layer (Multiple Access, Switching)

Link Layer (Switching, Spanning Tree)

Network Layer (Services, IP, IP Addressing)

Network Layer (DHCP, ARP, ICMP)

Network Layer (NAT, IPv6)

Network Routing (Subnetting, Aggregation, Shortest Path)

Network Routing (Algorithms)

Network Routing (BGP)

Transport (TCP, Connection Establishment)

Transport (Teardown, Flow Control)

Congestion (Congestion Control, Max Min, AIMD)

Congestion (Slow Start, Fast Retransmit, ECN, RED)

Application (Basics, DNS)

Application (DNS, HTTP, REST, Caching)

Application (CDNs, End-to-End)

Security (Concepts, Confidentiality)

Security (Public Key, Integrity)

Security (PKI, Tor)

External Readings

Section Slides

Section 1: Sockets

Section 1: Traceroute

Section: Trace

Section 4: Quiz 2 and Switching

Section 5: Midterm Review

Section 7: Mininet and Project 3

Section 9: Peer-to-Peer and BitTorrent

Section 10: Final Review

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