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 CSE 403 Sp 04 - Calendar
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RD = Rapid Development, Steve McConnell
Boehm = Anchoring the Software Process, Barry Boehm

Date Lecture Section Homework Reading

Mar 29 M Introduction [1up] [4up]
Mar 30 T
Mar 31 W What is a project? [1up] [4up] RD: 1,2,5
Apr 1 Th Project Plan [1up]
Apr 2 F Project Lifecycle [1up] [4up] RD: 7, Boehm

Apr 5 M Life Cycle Objectives [1up] [4up] RD: 10
Apr 6 T group select
Apr 7 W System Requirements [1up] [4up] HW 1 assigned - LCO
Apr 8 Th MS Mobile
Apr 9 F Project Teams [1up] [4up]

Apr 12 M Design [1up] [4up]
Apr 13 T
Apr 14 W LCO Presentations HW 1 turn in before noon
Apr 15 Th LCO Presentations
Apr 16 F LCO Presentations project preferences

Apr 19 M LCO discussion
Apr 20 T
Apr 21 W LittleApp to BigApp [1up] [4up] HW 2 assigned - LCA RD: 19
Apr 22 Th MS Tools
Apr 23 F Life Cycle Architecture Milestone [1up] [4up]

Apr 26 M Architectural Description [1up] [4up]
Apr 27 T Pocket PC request
Apr 28 W Tessa Lau (link) - IBM Research
(Perceptions of Women in CSE)
Apr 29 Th CVS How-to [pdf] Project Tools
Apr 30 F No class - Open House

May 3 M Construction [1up] [4up] HW 2 turn in before midnight RD: 18
May 4 T LCA Presentations (time slots) LCA Presentations LCA Presentations
May 5 W Charles Reis - Open Source [1up] [4up]
May 6 Th Stored Procedures&Cursors [pdf] iPaq/Deployment Tips
May 7 F Java Collections [1up] [4up]
ArchJava [4up]

May 10 M Verification and Validation [1up] [4up]
May 11 T
May 12 W Ian King - QA and Test [1up] [4up] HW 3 assigned - written
May 13 Th SQLXML [pdf]
Unit Testing [pdf]
HW 4 assigned - Beta Release
May 14 F Prof. Ginorio (home page) (notes) HW 5 assigned - Final Release

May 17 M team meetings in class
May 18 T
May 19 W Ship It! [1up] [4up] HW 3 due - turn in at start of class
May 20 Th SQL Profiler/DTS [pdf]
May 21 F Initial Operating Capability [1up] [4up]

May 24 M Case Histories [1up] [4up]
May 25 T
May 26 W Intellectual Activity HW 4 due - Beta Release
(turn in) (survey link)
May 27 Th Security holes in Three-Tier Applications [pdf]
May 28 F More Intellectual Activity

May 31 M No Class - Memorial Day
Jun 1 T
Jun 2 W Dennis Lee, Paul Franklin (Amazon) HW 5 due - Final Release
(turnin link)
Jun 3 Th Demo day Final Exam (readings)
Jun 4 F Demo day

Jun 7 M Final Exam Due before midnight Turn in before midnight.

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