CSE 333 Autumn 2018
Lecture Topics

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September 26 Intro and C review
slides code
September 28 Arrays and memory
slides code
October 1 Pointers, pointers, pointers, ...
slides code
October 3 malloc, free, structs, typedef
slides code
October 5 Data structures and modules
slides code
October 8 Final C details; File I/O & system calls (start)
C: slides code; I/O+sys: slides code
October 10 System calls (cont.); Posix I/O
posix: slides code
October 12 Syscalls (concl.); C++ intro
slides code
October 15 Intro to C++ (concl.)
October 17 C++ references, const, classes, etc.
slides code
October 19 C++ constructor insanity
slides code
October 22 C++ class details, heap
slides code
October 24 Str class demo; C++ templates (start)
slides, code
October 26 Templates (concl.); STL
slides; code
October 29 STL wrapup; Smart pointers (start)
slides code
October 31 Smart pointers (concl.); references revisted; hw3 demo
refs: slides code
November 5 Shared_ptrs; Inheritance (start)
slides code
November 7 Inheritance (concl.), C++ casts
slides code
November 9 Networking intro
November 14 Network programming - DNS
DNS: slides code
November 16 Network programming - client & hw4 demo
slides code
November 19 Network programming - server
slides code
November 21 no class
November 26 HTTP
slides demo
November 28 Concurrency - intro
November 30 Concurrency - threads
slides code
December 3 Concurrency - processes
processes: slides code
December 5 Libraries, system calls, buffering & more (no slides)
December 7 Course wrapup