CSE 311 Spring 2012
Section Topics

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March 29 Propositional logic. Logical implication
Worksheet / Answers
April 5 Logical equivalence, Quantifiers
Worksheet / Answers
April 12 Sets
Worksheet / Answers can be found in the textbook.
April 19 Modular arithmetic
Worksheet / Answers to Problem 2: a) -11 b) -14 c) 94 (The rest can be found in the textbook)
April 26 Various material involving past homework, proof by contradiction and the RSA scheme
May 3 Assorted problems for review
May 10 Induction
Worksheet / Answers
May 17 Homework 6 discussion, carry look-ahead adder
May 24 Pumping lemma
May 31 Final exam review
Final Review / Answers