Please keep in mind that Hunter is constantly updating this page. It should accurately describe the past, but it won't always accurately predict the future.

Lecture recordings can be found through Panopto on Canvas. We recommend that you treat the recordings as a supplement to going to lecture (or if you have to miss one day) rather than using the recordings as a replacement to going to lecture.

Readings marked as due (Due) are meant to be read by the start of that lecture. Other readings and videos are supplementary and are designed to give you another perspective or more exposure on that day's lecture materials. Those readings are helpful, but not considered required unless they are marked Due. Hunter will assume students are familiar with the topics in the readings marked Due during that day's lecture.

The PracticeIt problems linked on the calendar are problems Hunter thinks you should be able to work on after lecture and the readings for that day; if you find that you aren't able to solve the problems, that is a good sign you should be going to section or the IPL to get more practice but in a more structured learning environment.

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  • folder 09-23

    No class!

  • folder 09-24

    No class!

  • folder 09-26

    Section 1: ArrayIntList

  • folder 10-01

    Section 2: Bad ArrayIntList

  • folder 10-03

    Section 3: Stacks & Queues

    HW1 Due

  • folder 10-08

    Section 4: List Nodes

  • folder 10-10

    Section 5: LinkedLists with loops

    HW2 Due

  • folder 10-15

    Section 6: Harder LinkedList problems

  • folder 10-17

    Section 7: Sets & Maps

    HW3 Due

  • folder 10-22

    Section 8: Recursive tracing

  • folder 10-24

    Section 9: Recursive Programming

    HW4 Due

  • folder 10-29

    Section 10: TA's Choice!

  • folder 10-31

    Section 11: Midterm Review

    HW5 Due

  • folder 11-04

    TA Midterm Review

    Midterm in evening: 5:30-6:30

  • folder 11-05

    Section 12: Exhaustive search

  • folder 11-07

    Section 13: Recursive backtracking

  • folder 11-11

    Veteran's Day: No school!

  • folder 11-14

    Section 15: Binary Trees 2

    HW6 due

  • folder 11-19

    Section 16: Comparable

  • folder 11-21

    Section 17: Inheritance

    HW7 Due

  • folder 11-25

    ArrayIntList; Iterators; Resizing


  • folder 11-26

    Section 18: Collections Review

  • folder 11-28

    Thanksgiving. No School!

  • folder 11-29

    Thanksgiving. No School!

  • folder 12-03

    Section 19: LinkedIntList Review

  • folder 12-04

    Exam review

    Practice Questions from Old Exam Database

    • Comparable: Office
    • Comparable: recordGrade
    • Binary Tree Programming: completeToLevel
    • LinkedIntList Programming: bubble, removeFirstOf3

  • folder 12-05

    Section 20: Final Review

    HW8 Due