CSE 142, Summer 2020: Homework


Output Comparison Tool

Use this program to check whether your program produces the correct output.

Indenter Tool

Use this program to fix indentation of your Java code

Comment and Style Guides

We have 2 style guides built by our awesome TAs!

A Java style and comment guide by a TA

A more detailed java style and comment guide by a TA

General Style Deductions

Students in CSE142 are expected to demonstrate good programming style in their homework solutions. Every homework assignment will describe specific style requirements and expectations that students should keep in mind when writing their solutions.

You can refer to the General Style Deductions page for a list of common style mistakes to look out for.


Grade Sheets

When your TA is finished grading you, he/she will publish your grade sheets here for you to see. Your total score will also show up on the Canvas page for our class. An assignment's grade sheets will not be visible until it has been published (typically on Tuesday afternoon before the next assignment is due).

View scoresheets on GradeIt

If Canvas shows a different score than the total on the grade sheet you see here, please email your TA immediately.

DISCLAIMER: Any grade sheets you view on this web site are to be viewed only by the student named in the grade sheet. Sharing the contents of your web grade sheet with other students taking the course in future quarters will be considered an academic integrity violation, and may be punished by disciplinary action against both parties.


Please make sure you're aware of the following policies:


Students are encouraged to first discuss homework grading with their individual TA. If you aren't sure why you lost a point or if you disagree with the TA's evaluation, you should start by talking to your TA to see if you can resolve it directly. If not, you can request a regrade.

For homework regrade requests, you should fill out this Regrade Request form for our head TA to review. Regrade requests must be submitted within 2 weeks of receiving of receiving your score for an assignment. Your entire assignment will be regraded, which may result in a lower grade.