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Final Exam:


Practice Exams:

Sample final exams posted here are intended to be very similar to the actual exam. The number of problems and type of problems on the actual exam will be much like what is seen on these practice exams.


The CSE 142 Final Exam has been scheduled for Wednesday, December 13 at 10:30am (for students who attend the 9:30 lecture) and 12:30pm (for students who attend the 11:30 lecture).


The exam will take place in KANE 130--NOT THE USUAL 142 CLASSROOMS.

Any student with an exam conflict at one of these times may take their exam at the other time.

Example: If you are a student attending the 9:30 lecture but you have another final exam scheduled for 10:30 on Wednesday, December 13, you can take the CSE 142 exam at 12:30.

Midterm Exam:


  • Some of the drawings you made on your exams (sorry that we couldn't grab all of the great ones!):
    #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10


  • Monday, November 6, 2006, in class
  • There will be a midterm review session on Sunday, Nov. 5 at 2:00pm in SIG 134..

Practice Exams:

  • Sample midterm exams posted here are intended to be very similar to the actual midterm. The number of problems and type of problems on the actual exam will be much like what is seen on these practice exams. However, material from Chapters 1-5 is considered "fair game" for questions on the actual midterm, such as (but not limited to):
    • Point, String, Scanner, and Random objects
    • the Math class
    • parameters and return values
    • primitive types int, double, char, and boolean
    • for and while loops
    • if/else statements including nested if/else
    • breaking apart a number into digits
    • breaking apart a string into characters (text processing)
    • logical assertions
    • evaluating expressions involving int, double, String, boolean
    • precedence
    • sentinel, fencepost, definite and indefinite loops
  • The following topics are guaranteed NOT to be tested on the midterm in any form:
    • writing pseudocode
    • exceptions
    • preconditions and postconditions
    • System.out.printf
    • do/while loops, break statement
    • DrawingPanel, Graphics, Color
    • testing for valid user input (hasNextInt, etc)
    • the Java assert statement
    • material from Chapter 6 and above (file I/O, etc.)

Rules and Information

  • You have 50 minutes to complete the exam. You may receive a deduction if you keep working after the instructor calls for papers.
  • You must show your UW Student ID card to a TA or the instructor for your submitted exam to be accepted.
  • The exam is open-book/notes. You must work alone and may not use any computing devices of any kind including programmable calculators (such as TI-8x series or HP calculators). A scientific non-programmable calculator may be used.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices may NOT be out during the exam for any reason, even if the device includes a calculator program.
  • Write legibly and case-sensitively. On programming questions, do not abbreviate Java code.
  • Your code you write will be graded purely on external correctness (proper behavior and output) and not on internal correctness (style).
  • You don't need to write any import statements in your exam code.
  • Do not abbreviate any code on your exam, such as writing S.o.p for System.out.println.
  • Please be quiet during the exam. If you have a question or need, please raise your hand.
  • Corrections or clarifications to the exam will be written at the front of the room.
  • If you violate the University Code of Conduct during the exam, you may receive a 0% for the exam and possibly further punishment.
  • When you have finished the exam, please turn in your exam quietly and leave the room.
  • If you enter the room, you must turn in an exam paper and will not be permitted to leave the room without doing so.