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 CSEP 544 Principles of Database Systems
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Daily Schedule for CSEP 544

Note that this schedule will be altered during the quarter. Please make sure to check it every week.

Week Date Topic What's happening
1 March 31
Course Overview, SQL
2 April 7
Database Design, Normal Forms

April 14
Constraints, Views, Security  HW 1 due (SQL)
4 April 21
HW 2 due (DB design)
5 April 28 More Transactions   Isolation.java  Isolation Paper
HW 3 due (JDBC)
6 May 5
Data storage, Indexes, Physical Tuning  HW 4 due (transactions)
7 May 12 Query Execution
8 May 19
Query Optimization
9 May 26
XML, XPath, XQuery
HW 5 due (DB Administration)
June 2
Sampling from Databases
HW 6 due(Optimization,XML)
10 June 2-4 Final Exam     Solutions for Final

Recommended Reading

1. An Overview of Query Optimization in Relational Systems by Surajit Chaudhuri. A high-level overview of  query optimization. Contains the semijoin reduction, its called "magic set" there.
2. Query Evaluation Techniques for Large Databases by Goetz Graefe. The complete reference for physical operators. Difficult to read, but its the complete story.

3. Access Path Selection in a Relational Database Management System  by Selinger et al. The original and famous paper on System R.

4. Parallel database systems: the future of high performance database systems  by David Dewitt and Jim Gray.

5. Check out the reading list from the Fall 2008 Database Research Seminar for recent papers on parallel processing on a large scale.

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