Installing software needed for Homework 3


These notes will walk you through installing the programs you need for Homework 3. We assume that you are on a Windows machine.

General notes

Installing Java

Download the Java SDK 6, update 7 from Sun. If you already have an older version of Java on your machine, you can just use that. However, if it is older than J2SE 5.0, it might be incompatible with the JDBC drivers and you might need to upgrade.

Installing PostgreSQL and its JDBC driver

Follow these steps:

  1. Download PostgreSQL 8.3 for Windows.
  2. Install it with the default options. Remember the password you entered for the "database superuser". You'll need it later.
  3. Now you need to install the JDBC driver. To do so, start by running the Stack Builder program from Start->Programs->PostgreSQL 8.3->Application Stack Builder.
  4. Select "PostgreSQL Database Server 8.3 on port 5432", then choose Next.
  5. Open the "Database Drivers" category, check the box for "psqlJDBC 8.3.603", then choose Next.
  6. Choose the USA mirror, then choose Next.
  7. Choose Next at the confirmation window.
  8. Wait until you see "All the installation files have now been successfully downloaded", then choose Next.
  9. This will launch the installer for the JDBC driver. Step through it using the default options.
  10. Verify that the file C:\Program Files\psqlJDBC\postgresql-8.3-603.jdbc4.jar exists.

Installing the JDBC driver for SQL Server

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the JDBC driver from Microsoft. You'll end up "downloading" the license agreement; scroll to the bottom, then choose Accept to download the actual file. (The two "Accept" links point to different archives storing the same data; the "Windows version" is a self-extracting EXE, while the "UNIX version" is a gzipped tarball (.tar.gz file).)
  2. Unpack the archive to C:\Program Files\SQL Server JDBC\
  3. Verify that the file C:\Program Files\SQL Server JDBC\sqljdbc_2.0\enu\sqljdbc4.jar exists.

Please read the PostgreSQL Instructions