SQL Server

We will be using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 running on iprojsrv.cs.washington.edu. Accounts on it have been set up for each of you, and you have been given your user names and passwords. For the first homework, you need to set up an interactive query session with the server. For this, you will need access to SQL Server Management Studio. The first thing you need to do is register the server, and change your password.

Starting Management Studio

Your options are:

Accessing SQL Server

Once you start the Management Studio do this

First Homework

For the first homework, you will use Management Studio to connect to the server, and run SQL queries. This will involve the following steps:

The variant of SQL supported by SQL Server is called Transact-SQL. In addition to executing all Transact-SQL statements, management Studio can also be used to view query execution plans, statistics, and more.

Management Studio Manual