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    The following topics will covered:
  • Basic Neuroscience
  • Recording and Stimulating the Brain
  • Signal Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Major Types of BCIs
    • Invasive BCIs
    • Semi-Invasive BCIs
    • Non-Invasive BCIs
    • Stimulating and Bidirectional BCIs
  • BCI Applications
  • Ethics of BCI
There will be a mix of lectures, invited speakers, and student-led discussions of research papers.

Paper Presentation and Discussion: Teams of two students will be assigned a set of 2-3 papers to present on a particular class day (using slides and whiteboard) for in-class discussion.

Guidelines for Paper Presentation: Use the following format to structure your presentation:

  • Introduction and background: First few slides should discuss the problem being addressed by the paper and prior work on the topic;
  • Methods: Describe the methods used for experiments and analysis of data;
  • Results: Present the results reported by the authors, e.g., by going over figures/tables (for longer papers, you do not need to go over every figure/table -- pick results you think are the most interesting);
  • Summary/Conclusion and Discussion of Strengths/Weaknesses/Future Work: Summarize the contributions of the paper, assess its strengths/weaknesses, and speculate on how the results could be extended/improved.
Feel free to copy and paste into your presentation figures from either the online version of the paper or from the PDF file (as a last resort, use PrntScr or screengrab). You can also use figures from the web or other papers with proper attribution.

Discussion Board: Before each class involving paper discussion, students must read the assigned papers and should post to the 599E discussion board their opinions, questions, and brief critical analyses of the assigned papers. Students are also encouraged to respond to critical analyses or questions of other students that are already posted on the board.

Final Group Project: There will be a final group project that will involve additional exploration of BCI research and possibly hands-on experience with BCI data. Final project groups will consist of 2-3 students in each group. All groups will present their results to class and submit a short written report. For details, see the Group Project page.

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