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Date Topic Presenter
March 27 Introduction to Brain-Computer Interfaces Raj
March 29 Basic Neuroscience Raj
April 3 Recording/Stimulation Techniques Raj
April 5 Signal Processing and Machine Learning for BCI Raj
April 10

Invasive BCIs: Early Studies

Shin Kira and Miah Wander
April 12 Invasive BCIs: Towards Neural Prosthetics
Suman Jandhyala and Ranjan Pradeep
April 17 Invasive BCIs: Decoding using Bayesian Filtering Ian Flatness and Lucas Petrucci
April 19 Invasive BCIs: Cognitive Control Brian Buttrick, Briar Doty, and Chantal Murthy
April 24 Guest Lecture: Volitional control of neural activity and bidirectional neural interfaces. Eb Fetz
April 26 Semi-Invasive BCIs: Using Electrocorticography (ECoG)
Tony Fader and Stephanie Seeman
May 1 Semi-Invasive BCIs: ECoG and Nerve-Based Approaches Kuei-Ti Lu and Haochen Wei
May 3 Non-Invasive BCIs: Evoked Potentials (SSVEP and P300)
Artem Dementyev and Tammy Denning
May 8 Guest Lecture: Recent Developments in ECoG BCIs
Tim Blakely (UW and Google)
May 10 Non-Invasive BCIs: Oscillatory Potentials and Cognitive Imagery
Aiva Ievins and Michael Sunshine
May 15 BCIs that Stimulate: Restoring Sensory and Motor Function
Oliver Johnson and Ping Mamiya
May 17 Guest Lecture: Brain computer interfaces to replace or repair the injured central nervous system
Chet Moritz, Rehabilitation Dept., UW
May 22 BCI Applications: Security, Cognitive Monitoring, and Entertaintment
Michael Fain, Kate Liotta and Priya Rao
May 24 BCI Applications: Robotic Avatars and Image Search
Landon Meernik and Pratik Prasad
May 29 Course Review, BCI Ethics, and Conclusion Raj
May 31 Project help session Sam and Raj
June 4 Project presentations (10:30 am in **CSE 305 Allen Center**; written reports due on Thursday June 7 by email) Student Teams

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