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 CSE599E: Introduction to Brain-Computer Interfacing
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Welcome to CSE 599E

Introduction to Brain-Computer Interfacing

Spring 2012

Rajesh Rao (Instructor)


Sam Sudar (TA)

TueThu 10:30-11:50am in EEB 025

Can the brain directly exert control over external objects? Can information from the outside world be directly relayed to the brain without using our sensory organs? Can our mental and physical capabilities be augmented beyond the limits imposed by biological evolution? These are some of the questions that motivate the emerging world of brain computer interfacing.

In this course, we will learn about invasive and non-invasive brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) for controlling cursors, prosthetic arms, wheelchairs, and robotic avatars. We will learn how such BCIs are enabling communication in locked-in patients and helping restore movement and mobility in paralyzed and disabled persons. We will also learn about other applications of BCI technology such as security, lie detection, alertness monitoring, entertainment, gaming, education, and human augmentation.

The course will include a mix of lectures, invited speakers, and discussion of research papers led by student teams. Lectures will include primers on neuroscience, signal processing, and machine learning, while student-led discussions will cover case studies of BCIs based on multi-neuronal activity, electrocorticography (ECoG), and electroencephalography (EEG) as well as BCI applications.

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