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 CSE 590W - Computers and Disabilities, Spring 2006
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Computers are playing an ever more important role in assistive technology for a wide range of disabilities. In this seminar, we will explore the state of the art and current research in computer-based assistive technology for blindness, deafness, cognitive impairment, and other disabilities.

The seminar will include a mix of lectures, invited speakers, and discussions of recent research papers. These will include current research at UW on computer-based assistive technology, such as the Tactile Graphics and Assisted Cognition projects.

No particular background is required. Non-computer science majors and undergraduates may (and are encouraged) to attend with permission of the instructors. CSE graduate students who wish to attend and participate in the discussions may register for 1 credit. Students who, in addition, wish to do a project may register for 3 credits with permission of the instructors.

Talks are generally 30 minutes followed by 20 mintues of discussion. In some cases students will read papers prior to a discussion. All talks and discussions are in CSE 403 on Wednesdays at 9:30 - 10:20 am.

Organizers: Richard Ladner and Henry Kautz

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