CSE 590DB: Database Seminar

Winter 2001: New Paradigms in Query Processing

Alon Halevy & Dan Suciu, Fridays 11:30 - 12:20, EE1 026

Winter 2001 Schedule for CSE 590DB

Day Topic Readings Presenter
1/5Seminar intro. Quals Presentation: "Updating XML"Igor Tatarinov

Dimensions in adaptive query processing, and the Tukwila system as a platform for exploring them.

Presenter selections for remaining papers.

Z. G. Ives, A. Y. Levy, D. S. Weld, D. Florescu, M. Friedman. Adaptive Query Processing for Internet Applications. IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, June 2000.

Z. G. Ives, M. Friedman, D. Florescu, A. Y. Levy, D. Weld. An Adaptive Query Execution System for Data Integration. SIGMOD 1999.

Z. G. Ives, A. Y. Halevy, D. S. Weld. An XML Query Engine for Network-Bound Data. Submitted for publication, 2000.

Zack Ives
1/19Dynamic query plans and reoptimization N. Kabra, D. J. DeWitt: Efficient Mid-Query Re-Optimization of Sub-Optimal Query Execution Plans.
R. L. Cole and G. Graefe. Optimization of Dynamic Query Evaluation Plans. SIGMOD Conference 1994: 150-160
Maya Rodrig
Jayant Madhavan
1/26Pipelined operators P. J. Haas, J. M. Hellerstein: Ripple Joins for Online Aggregation. SIGMOD 1999.Peter Mork
2/2 Invited talk Jaiwei Han
2/9Recovery tutorialInvited talkDavid Lomet of MSR
2/16 Scheduling R. Avnur, J. M. Hellerstein: Eddies: Continuously Adaptive Query Processing. SIGMOD 2000. Gerome Miklau
2/23No class
3/2Niagara J. Shanmugasundaram, K. Tufte, D. J. DeWitt, J. F. Naughton, D. Maier: Architecting a Network Query Engine for Producing Partial Results. WebDB 2000.
J. Naughton, D. DeWitt, D. Maier, J. Chen, L. Galanis, K. Tufte, J. Kang, Q. Luo, N. Prakash, F. Tian, J. Shanmugasundaram, C. Zhang, R. Ramamurthy, B. Jackson, Y. Wang, A. Gupta, R. Chen. The Niagara Internet Query System.
Igor Tatarinov
3/9Information retrieval in databases Daniela Florescu, Donald Kossmann, Ioana Manolescu: Integrating keyword search into XML query processing. WWW9 / Computer Networks 2000
and William W. Cohen: Integration of Heterogeneous Databases Without Common Domains Using Queries Based on Textual Similarity. SIGMOD 1998
Isaac Kunen

List of Relevant Papers by Topic

Pipelined operators
Incremental optimization and dynamic plans
Partial, incomplete, and approximate answers

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