Course calendar (tentative--subject to change)

The course calendar below gives the lecture topics, assignment and due dates for projects.  The calendar is subject to change during the quarter, and we will remind you as each of the due dates comes near.






March 29 (Steve)

Intro        [pdf, html, ppt]
  [pdf, html, ppt]

• Forsyth & Ponce, Chapter 7
• (optional) bilateral filtering


31 (Rick)

Image features   [ppt]

• multi-image matching
• (optional) feature detection

Project 1 assigned



April 5 (Rick)

Feature matching [ppt]

• affine covariant features
• publications by David Lowe  
7 (Steve)

Filtering2    [pdf, html, ppt]
Cameras, projection [pdf, html, ppt]

• Nalwa 2.1  


12 (Rick)

Image alignment, mosaics
[pdf, html, ppt]

• Image Alignment and Stitching: A Tutorial1, Rick Szeliski

• Brown & Lowe, Recognising Panoramas, ICCV 2003

• (optional)  Szeliski & Shum, SIGGRAPH 97


14 (Steve)

Blending, numerical techniques
[pdf, html, ppt]


Project 1 due

Project 2 assigned



19 (Steve)

Projective geometry [pdf, html, ppt]
Single view modeling 

• Mundy, J.L. and Zisserman, A., Geometric Invariance in Computer Vision, Appendix: Projective Geometry for Machine Vision, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1992, (read  23.1 - 23.5, 23.10)

21 (Rick)

Structure from motion [pdf, html, ppt]
Bundle adjustment
robust estimators

• epipolar geometry, essential matrix, etc:  online tutorial
• see Marc Pollefeys nice online notes on bundle adjustment


26 (Steve+Rick)

finish up single view modeling, SFM
more on blending [pdf, html, ppt]



28 (Steve)

Recognition [pdf, html, ppt]

• C. Bishop, “Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition”, Oxford University Press, 1998, Chapter 1.
• Forsyth and Ponce, 22.3 (eigenfaces)

Project 2 due

Project 3 assigned



May 3 (Rick)

Optical flow [pdf, html, ppt]

• Bergen et al. Hierarchical model-based motion estimation. ECCV’92, pp. 237–252.


5 (Rick)

Stereo [pdf, html, ppt]

• D. Scharstein and R. Szeliski. A taxonomy and evaluation of dense two-frame stereo correspondence algorithms. International Journal of Computer Vision, 47(1):7-42, May 2002.

Project 4 assigned



10 (Steve)

Multi-view stereo  [pdf, html, ppt]

• S. M. Seitz and C. R. Dyer, Photorealistic Scene Reconstruction by Voxel Coloring, International Journal of Computer Vision, 35(2), 1999, pp. 151-173.

Project 3 due

(extended to Wednesday by noon)



12 (Steve)

Multi-view stereo (Cont)

  Project 4 proposal due
(extended to Friday by noon)


17 (Steve)

Segmentation:  [pdf, html, ppt]
manual and interactive

• Forsyth & Ponce, Chapter 7
• see slides for (optional) supplementary refs

19 (Steve)

Texture:  [pdf, html, ppt]

• Efros and Leung, “Texture Synthesis by Non-parametric Sampling,” Proc. ICCV, 1999.


24 (Steve)

Light, color:  [pdf, html, ppt]

• Forsyth & Ponce, Chapters 4, 6 (through 6.2)


Project status reports

  Project 4 status report due


31 (Rick)

Lightfields, IBMR:  [pdf, html, ppt]

• S. J. Gortler, R. Grzeszczuk, R. Szeliski and M. F. Cohen, The Lumigraph, SIGGRAPH 1996.
• P. E. Debevec, C. J. Taylor and J. Malik, Modeling and rendering architecture from photographs, SIGGRAPH 1996.
• (optional) M. Levoy and P. Hanrahan, Light field rendering, SIGGRAPH 1996.
• (optional) H.-Y. Shum and L.-W. He. Rendering with concentric mosaics, SIGGRAPH 1999.
• (optional) D. E. Zongker et al. Environment matting and compositing, SIGGRAPH 1999.
• (optional) Y.-Y. Chuang et al. Video matting of complex scenes. ACM Trans. on Graphics, 21(3):243-248, July 2002.
• (optional) Y.-Y. Chuang et al. Shadow matting. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 22(3):494-500, July 2003.
• (optional) A. Schφdl et al., Video textures. SIGGRAPH 2000, pp. 489-498, 2000.
• (optional) M. Uyttendaele et al. Image-based interactive exploration of real-world environments. IEEE Comp. Graphics and Applications, 24(3), May/June 2004.
June 2 (Steve)

Photometric stereo:  [pdf, html, ppt]
Wrapup:  [pdf, html, ppt]

• R. Woodham, Photometric Method for Determining Surface Orientation from Multiple Images. Optical Engineering 19(1)139-144 (1980). (PDF)
11 June 6

final project presentations
10:30-12:20, room 403