CSE548: Computer Systems Architecture

10/3Ray Technology
Cramming more components onto integrated circuits
Semiconductor Industry Association Roadmap Executive Summary Pages 15-26 (note this is 25-36 in the PDF file). Warning: this can be tough to read if you don't have an EE background, but just do your best and we'll discuss in class. Focus on the higher-level architectural grand challenges.
10/5NoneClass canceled
10/10Brandon M Pipelining
The Engineering Design of the Stretch Computer
The Microrachitecture of the Pentium 4 Processor
10/12Will Scoreboarding & the 6600
Parallel Operation in the Control Data 6600
Design of the 6600 Scoreboard
10/17Hadi Register renaming
An Efficient Algorithm for Exploiting Multiple Arithmetic Units
HPSm, a high performance restricted data flow architecture having minimal functionality
10/19Brandon H VLIW
Very Long Instruction Word Architectures & Retrospective
AMD r600(focus around ~ slide 17)
10/24Galen Branch Prediction
An Analysys of Correlation and Predictability
A Language for Describing Predictors
Optional but highly recommended: A Study of Prediction Strategies, Retrospective
Optional: Dynamic Branch Prediction with Perceptrons
10/26Vincent Caching
Trace Cache: A Low Latency Approach to High Bandwidth Instruction Fetching
The ZCache: Decoupling Ways from Associativity
Optional: Improving Direct Mapped Cache Performance by the Addition of a Small Fully-Associative Cache and Prefetch Buffers,Retrospective
Optional: Lockup Free Instruction Fetch/Prefetch Cache Organization, Retrospective
10/31Daniel Prefetching
Prefetching using Markov Predictors
Predictor Directed Stream-buffers
11/2Katelin Consistency
A Primer on Memory Consistency and Cache CoherencePages 1 - 6 (skim/skip), Pages 9 - 15, Pages 17-32, Pages 37-47 (It looks like a lot, but the font is big)
11/7 Coherence
A Primer on Memory Consistency and Cache CoherencePages 99 - 119, Pages 133-137, Pages 139 - 153, Pages 169-170
Optional:Atomic Coherence: Leveraging Nanophotonics to Build Race-Free Cache Coherence Protocols (worth reading the first 2 pages)
11/9David Power Optimizing Pipeline sfor Power and Performance
(First 2 and a half pages)GreenDroid: Exploring the Next Evolution in Smartphone Application Processors
Dark Silicon and the End of Multicore Scaling
11/14 Bug avoidance Color Safe: Architectural Support for Debugging and Dynamically Avoiding Multi-variable Atomicity Violations
A Case for an Interleaving Constrained Shared-Memory Multiprocessor
11/15 Dataflow A Preliminary Architecture for a Basic Dataflow Architecture
Two Fundamental Limits on Dataflow Multiprocessing
11/21 Vector machines
An Analysis of the Cray-1 Computer
11/23 --- CANCELED Work on projects / see your family
11/28 --- CANCELED Work on projects / see your family
11/30 Emerging technologies Architectural Implications of Nanoscale Integrated Sensing and Computing
Microcoded Architectures for Ion-Trap Quantum Computers
12/5 Project presentations #1
12/7 Project presentations #2

Papers we'll likely read in future classes

In Praise of Wilkes, Wheeler, and Gill">


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