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 Richard Anderson
 Craig Prince
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Winter 2007

Class Meetings:
Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30-11:50 am. CSE 403

Project Preference Survey:
List your project preferences in the following survey, and complete it by noon, Friday, January 5. Survey.

Contact information:  
Instructor: Richard Anderson , anderson@cs, CSE 582, Office hours by appointment
Teaching Assistant: Craig Prince, cmprince@cs, Office hours TBA

Recommended Text:
Building Tablet PC Applications.  Jarrett and Su, Microsoft Press. 
Quite a few copies are circulating, so you might not need to purchase it - but it is a very good book, although it only covers the first release of the Tablet PC SDK.

There will be four homework assignments to gain experience programming the Tablet PC. These assignments will be weekly, over the first four weeks of the course. The assignments will be available at the start of class - and may be done early. The assignments are individual assignments, to make sure that all students get familiar with the basics of Tablet PC programming.

This course is about building projects. Project ideas have been posted - it would be worth while to review these before the first day of class. The project ideas will be presented during the first lecture, and then students will be asked to submit their preferences for project assignments. Project groups will be assigned based on this information.

This is a project course - so almost all of the grade will be based on the project. Project performance will be evaluated based on the outcome of the project, as well as evaluations at the project check points. Individual contributions to the project will be assessed, so students on the same project team will not necessarily receive the same evaluation.

The main goal of the course is exploratory development using the Tablet PC platform, so a big part of the final evaluation will the production of an innovative application that takes advantage of the Tablet PC. Beyond that, there are many other dimensions that a project could be evaluated on including: Team Work, Engineering Quality, Release Quality, Usability, Design Process, Involvement of Potential Users, etc. In a ten week project, it is not possible to emphasize all of these, and different groups will have different priorities on what they want to get out of the course. To accommodate this, early in the term, each project group will specify the weights on different components of the grading criteria. This will allow groups to set their own goals in developing the software project.

Project tools
Projects will be done using Visual Studio 2005

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