Homework 1, CSE 481b, Winter 2007

Due Thursday, January 11, 6:00 pm

You may do this assignment on a desktop machine (with the Tablet SDK installed), or on a tablet. It is recommended that you do atleast part of the assignment in the Tablet PC lab (AC 003D). The instructor and the TA will schedule some lab hours.

Hello World, Part A

Hello world is that standard first application to write in a new environment. For the tablet pc version, I would like you to create a program with an inkCollector that allows the user to write Hello World (or anything else!). Provide controls to allow changing the color of the ink. Here is a screen shot of my version.

Hello World, Part B

Extend Hello World, with the following enhancements:

Screen shots


Feel free to alter the feature set as you see fit. There is no requirement to reproduce the sample solution exactly.


By the deadline, send a screenshot of your application to Craig Prince (cmprince@cs). The subject line should be: HW1 Submission: Your Name. Save the screenshot as a JPG (not a BMP). (Alt-Print Screen to capture the screenshop, open up Paint, paste the screenshop, and then Save As, setting the format to JPG).

Although we are not that interested in seeing your source code for this assignment - you should use the version control for your homework - just to start getting experience with the tools.

The recommended mechanism for version countrol is SVN. Group project space will be created for each group. We would like you to create a HW directory with subdirectories HW1, HW2, HW3, and HW4. Each of the HWx directories should have a subdirectory for each team member. The final version of the code should reside in this directory.