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 Tablet PC Capstone
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 Richard Anderson
 A.J. Bernheim Brush
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 Homework Assignment 1, Due April 8
 HW 1 (in pdf)
 HW 2 (Preview)
 Tic-Tac-Toe Solution
 HW 3
 HW 4
 Group Assignment 1, Due April 10th
 Group Assignment 2, Due April 22th
 Group Assignment 3, Due April 29th
 Group Assignment 4, Due May 8th
 Group Assignment 5, Due May 29th
 Reflective Questions
 Lecture 1: Overview
 Lecture 2: Understanding Users
 Lecture 3: Tablets I
 Lecture 4: Tablets II
 Lecture 6: From Scenarios to Paper Prototypes
 Lecture 7: Projects
 Lecture 8: Cooper Tour
 Lecture 9: Heuristic Evaluation
 Microsoft TPC Dev info
Project Information
 Project Evaluation Criteria
 Project Group 1
 Project Group 2
 Project Group 3
 Project Group 4
 Project Group 5
 Grading Interview Notes

Class Meetings:
Tuesday and Thursday from 12 - 1:20 pm.
MGH 288

Tutorials: Thursdays 1:30 - 3 pm with Shengli, Sieg 232

Contact information:  
Richard Anderson
A.J. Brush
Shengli Zhou (TA)

Required Texts:
About Face 2.0, The Essentials of Interaction Design.  Alan Cooper and Robert Reimann  
This book has just been released. Amazon has a good discount on it.

Building Tablet PC Applications.  Jarrett and Su, Microsoft Press. 
This is available at the University Bookstore as the textbook for the class.

Mailing list
You may subscribe to the mailing list by sending mail to cse490ra-request or through the web interface.

Project Options (see lecture slides for more details)

1. Elevator Service Application

2. Keyframe animation

3. Calendar on Tablet

4. Pen based game UI

5. Tablet based grading application

6. Shared whiteboard for remote tutoring application

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