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Tentative schedule for the class. The green label signifies the group that needs to come to the class. The schedule after the midterm is TBA. All assignments are due at 11:00am on the specified date.

Lecture Material

Group A Group B Group Lecture-only

Week 1

Mar 29
Overview A B
P1 out
Mar 31
Affine transformation; Hierarchical modeling B

Week 2

Apr 5
Hierarchical Modeling (cont); Meshes 1; Meshes 2 B
P1 due P2 out
Apr 7
Meshes 2; Image Processing 1 B
HW1 out

Week 3

Apr 12
Image Processing 2 B
Cartoon group open
Apr 14
Interpolation 1; Reflection 1 A
HW1 due
Apr 15
Cartoon group closed

Week 4

Apr 19
Reflection 1 (cont); Reflection 2 A
P2 due Cartoon out
Apr 21
Projection 1; Projection 2 A
HW2 out

Week 5

Apr 26
Projection 2 (cont); Splines 1 A
Cartoon Script Due
Apr 28
Splines 2; Splines 3 A
HW2 due

Week 6

May 3
Ray Tracing A B
May 5
Physical Simulation A B
Cartoon due

Week 7

May 10
Topic A, B
Fabrication Lab Tour
May 12
Midterm A B
P3 out

Week 8

May 16
Cartoon Revision Due
May 17
Topic C
Fabrication Lab Tour
May 19
Topic D, E
Fabrication Lab Tour
May 20
Cartoon Revision Closed

Week 9

May 24
Topic F
VR Lab Tour
May 26
Topic G, H
P3 due P4 out HW4 out VR Lab Tour

Week 10

May 31
Topic I
Jun 2
Topic J, K
HW4 due

Final Week

Jun 9
P4 due