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 CSE444 Fall 2004
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Project Description
The project will be done in 3 phases. Instructions for each phase will be posted right after the previous phase has been completed. The goal of the project is (1) to implement a complete (yet small) database application, and (2) to gain an appreciation of some of the real-world problems people face when dealing with and sharing data.

You will be using C# and .NET to implement the web interface for phase I and II, tutorials on those are up :)


Application Domains
We will provide three domains for your application. Everyone will be assigned to a domain based on his/her last name:

  • Domain 1: Inventory - Abramsky to Ghadianipour
  • Domain 2: Billing - Hanni to O'Connell
  • Domain 3: Shipping - Paija Pun to Zhurid

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