Project Phase I


In this phase you will build a complete database application using SQL Server with a very simple web-based front end. You will be given a high-level specification of the domain of the database application, and which queries your interface needs to support. This phase will be done in two parts. In the first part, due Oct 15, you will create your database schema, your actual database on the SQL server, and some sample data tuples. In the second part, due Oct 25, you will implement the query interface.


Although you are required to populate your database with sample data, we expect that to be a small part of your work. We expect that each table in your database will contain roughly 10 tuples.

Application domains

We will provide three domains for your application:


In each of the domains, you will get a description of what the database should store. Certain aspects of the domain will be mandatory. In addition, you are expected to invent a few other attributes of interest to model in your database. The description of the domain will be given informally, and you will need to prepare a database schema that models the domain.

Your schema should have at the least four tables, but can be much larger. Some of the tables will have five columns or more. There can be foreign keys between columns in different tables. Each column must have a data-type and declared to be either a key or not a key. Choose imaginative column and table names.

What and When and How Do I hand in?