Project phase 3

A consortium of companies agrees to form a partnership, and offer
their customers products from all companies in the consortium. Every
company in class needs to participate in the consortium: you cannot
opt out.

In part 1 every company will export its data about products and
shipping methods in a common, standardized schema: the result will be
a file called company-name.xml

In part 2 every company will import the data of all its partners in
the consortium into its own database. Then will offer their clients
products from all the partner companies (and apply a markup). After
each purchase from a partner company, an Order document is generated
and sent somehow to the other company (we will not implement shipping
the order document). The Order is also in XML format.


You will be working in the same group as you were in phase 2, and...

Part 1

You will export the data in your group's databases into an xml file (like what you did in hw 3), following this DTD

Part 2

Updated xmls for some of the groups -> HERE

You will import all the xml files from allllll other group's into your relational databases (again like what you did in hw3...). You may modify it to store the groups that generated the data (also you may modify the keys of the tables, in case that the other groups got a book that has the same isbn as some book in your inventory). Then, you need to modify your web-shopping app in phase 2 to support these additional data. A user should be able to purchase products from other companies through your website, but with 10% additional charge. When a user made such a purchase, you system needs to generate an xml order file following this DTD. In short, required extensions to the web app are...

Rules and restrictions

- no new databases.
- new tables allowed
- you may modify your tables to store which company originated that piece of data.


part 1: put your xml file in your phase 2 turnin folder by Nov 30th Mon midnight.
part 2: A runnable version of your modified web app in your phase 2 turnin folder by Dec 8th.

Reason that I didn't create a phase 3 folder for each group:
I'm lazy to go through all the folder creation, and then set the sharing and security permissions on those folders and then enable web app on each of them.....