Phase III - Grading Criteria - draft

XML output - 4 points

_____ (1.5 point) Contains all (non-optional) data from your database

_____ (1.5 point) DTD format followed correctly (data stored in correct hierarchy, no missing tags etc.)

_____ (1 point) Elements in order (I thought prof mentioned "order is important" during that dtd discussion...?)

XML in + web shopping extension - 8 points

_____ (2 point) All xmls imported into database (unless you can't import it coz the other group had a messed up output)

_____ (1 point) Browsing supports imported data

_____ (1 point) Shopping supports those products from other companies

_____ (1 point) Transaction generates order xml file when customer buys prodcuts from other companies

_____ (1 point) XML order includes required data as listed in DTD

_____ (1 point) XML data follows the DTD format......

_____ (1 point) and in correct order....