CSE 413 Autumn 2012
Lecture Topics

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September 24 Introduction, Racket intro
September 26 Racket intro; Lists lec2.rkt code   Scheme basics (notes)
September 28 Lists and functions lec3.rkt code
October 1 Lists, functions, tail recursion lec4.rkt code   Recursion patterns (notes)
October 3 Iteration patterns, function parameters lec5.rkt code
October 5 Higher-order functions, lambda lec6.rkt code
October 8 Lambdas, closures, nested scopes lec7.rkt code
October 10 Lambdas and closures lec8.rkt code
October 12 Environments and execution. Whiteboard pix: environments closures
October 15 Environments and closures. Whiteboard pix: nested let curried plus
October 17 Examples with closures as parameters
October 19 Lazy evaluation, streams, and memos slides notes code
October 22 Racket structs, implementing programmings, interpreters slides
October 24 Interpreters (concl.), HW5
October 26 HW5 wrapup, Memory management
October 29 Reference counting, GC overview
October 31 Mark/sweep garbage collection
November 2 Compacting and generational collectors
November 7 Ruby intro slides   Rat.rb
November 9 Ruby containers, blocks, and procs slides   demo
November 14 Ruby: duck typing, inheritance, mixins, modules duck slides inheritance slides points.rb inherit.rb
November 16 Ruby wrapup; Parsers, scanners, grammars intro
November 19 Grammars, derivations, regular expressions slides
November 21 Regular expressions and scanners (concl)
November 26 Parsers, context-free grammars, ambiguity slides
November 28 LL grammars and top-down parsing slides
November 30 Parsing & grammar hacking
December 3 Multiple inheritance etc. slides
December 5 Late binding and dynamic dispatch slides   objects.rkt
December 7 Wrapup and review