CSE 403 Spring 2014
Lecture Topics

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March 31 Introduction
April 2 Software lifecycle
April 4 Project proposal presentations
April 7 Group-forming; required if you have not yet completed the project preferences survey
April 9 Group meeting (arrange your own location for group meetings)
April 11 Version control
Do these exercises: conflict tutorial
April 14 Teams
April 16 User interfaces
April 18 Architecture
April 21 Paper prototypes exercise
April 23 UML sequence diagrams
April 25 Process: The Joel Test
April 28 Design presentations (1)
April 30 Design presentations (2)
May 2 Static analysis in the development process, by Eric Lippert (Coverity).
Optional reading: A Few Billion Lines of Code Later: Using Static Analysis to Find Bugs in the Real World
May 5 Design patterns in the wild
May 7 Specification game
May 9 In-class activity
May 12 Midterm exam (covers through Monday, May 5, 2014)
May 14 Design change presentations (turnin)
May 16 "Building Software Large and Small in the Real World - Notes from the Field" by Dennis Lee (Amazon)
May 19 Beta demos (1)
May 21 Beta demos (2)
May 23 Code reviews, Refactoring
May 28 Interviewing
May 30 Finish Refactoring, Software engineering research
June 2 No lecture -- work on your project
June 4 No lecture -- work on your project
June 6 Final exam (cumulative)