Homework and Reading
CSE 370 Autumn, 2004

Homework Assignments

Date Distributed Date Due
Assignment 1 1 Oct 8 Oct
Assignment 2 8 Oct 15 Oct
Assignment 3 15 Oct 22 Oct
Assignment 4 22 Oct 29 Oct
Assignment 5 29 Oct 5 Nov
Assignment 6 5 Nov 12 Nov
Assignment 7 12 Nov 19 Nov
Assignment 8 19 Nov 03 Dec
Assignment 9 24 Nov 08 Dec
Extra Credit 24 Nov 10 Dec


x370 Processor Definition

Supplementary Materials

Tutorials for Aldec Active-HDL are here.

A tips page for the Aldec Active-HDL toolset is here.

A tutorial on verilog is here.

Homework Policy

Your weekly assignments are due at the beginning of class on the assigned due date. Assignments handed in during or immediately after class will incur a 10% penalty. We will penalize your assignment 10% per day for each additional day late.  Assignments due Friday will be charged 20% if turned in over the weekend, 30% if turned in on Monday, etc.

Please review the assignment solutions carefully before questioning a grade with either the instructor or the teaching assistants.

If you miss an assignment as a result of unavoidable circumstances, send the instructor a one-line email asking for an extension, the reason for your request, and the date you anticipate handing in the assignment. You know which circumstances are avoidable and which are unavoidable.

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