CSE370 Assignment 8

Distributed: 19 November 2004
Due: 03 December 2004

Unless otherwise noted, you may collaborate with other CSE370 students on the homework assignments. Do not look at homework from previous years; this processor is different! You must spend at least 15 minutes working on a problem before seeking assistance. Collaboration means that you may discuss the problems and make notes during the discussion, but you may not look at other student’s work when writing up your homework. Your homework represents your own work—the homework must show that you understand the material and have worked as an individual on every problem. You may not divide up the task of doing the problem sets in the interpretation of collaboration. You may discuss lecture material with anyone.

Files for this assignment are found at \\ntdfs\cs\cse\courses\cse370\04au\HW\hw8.

In this assignment, you will continue the design of the x370 processor. 

1.  Design the x370 Model 1.  This involves adding the Load Immediate and Branch and Skip instructions to the x370 Model 0, which you already designed in the previous homework assignment.  Implementing Load Immediate means writing the value in the instruction to the register file. Don’t forget to sign-extend this value. Implementing the Branch and Skip instructions will mean changing the implementation of the PC (program counter) so that it can load a new address or skip over an address.

We will give you a program to test your resulting processor design (fib1.dat).  You should turn in a copy of your schematics, plus a screen shot showing the contents of your register file at the end of simulation.

x370 Processor Definition

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