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  • [12/06] The final review topic sheet is now up on the menu.
  • [11/21] There will be no lecture held on Wednesday, November 22nd.
  • [10/30] Turnin link now available for Project 2B.
  • [10/23] The midterm will be held at 11:30AM on Friday, October 27th. A study guide is available here.
  • [10/22] Project 2B has been posted. Due both electronically and hardcopy at 11:30AM, Wednesday November 1st.
  • [10/15] Project 2A due date is now Sunday, October 22nd, 10PM

Final Exam will be held on Wednesday, December 13, 2006 from 2:30-4:20pm in EE1-037.

Class E-Mail Lists

  • All students must sign up for the cse326-announce mailing list. You are responsible for any information posted to this list. Only the instructor and TAs are allowed to post to this list, so it should be fairly low-volume.
  • The cse326 list is for general class discussion. Everyone is allowed to post to this list. Your instructor and TAs will be reading this list and will respond to replies, although not always immediately. Students should feel free to reply to questions as well: make our job easier! Remember not to post homework answers or specific code snippets, as all of your fellow students will be reading this.

    This list is not required. If the volume gets too high for you, you are welcome to unsubscribe.

Office Hours

Who When Where
Larry Snyder Wednesdays 4:30-5:30PM CSE 584
Paul Pham Thursdays 2:30-3:30PM CSE 002
Brian Ngo Tuesdays 2:30-3:30PM CSE 002
Additional times available by appointment.


Lecture A - Meets MWF from 11:30AM-12:20PM in EEB 037


Section When Where
Section AA Th 12:30-1:20PM MGH 251
Section AB Th 1:30-2:20PM PAA A212

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