CSE 190 M: Web Programming, Spring 2008

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lab session grader for name nickname email * pic AIM ** fave web site
8:30am - 9:20am MC (Mo - Z); ME (all) Ian Gienger "Colonel Panic" igienger staff icon CSE 190 M TA pentabarf.net
8:30am - 9:20am MC (A - Mc) Kenneth Kuan "Dungeon Masta K." kkuan staff icon ? Penny Arcade
9:30am - 10:20am MA (Ob - Z); MB (Th - Z) Victoria Kirst "Victizzle Kizzle" vkirst staff icon ? TasteSpotting
9:30am - 10:20am MA (La - No); MF (all) Amit Levy "Ice Master A. Kicks" levya staff icon ? McSweeney's
9:30am - 10:20am MA (Absher - Ke) Ryan Tucker "Papa T" rctucker staff icon UW CSE 190M Ryan bash.org
10:30am - 11:20am MD (So - Z); MB (Sh - Th) Morgan Doocy "MOGRAN, Devourer of Souls!" or
"Captain Morgan"
mdoocy staff icon ? Facebook (pre-apps)
10:30am - 11:20am MD (A - Ka) Brian Le "Le Magical B. Dazzler" lebrian staff icon ? photofool.com
10:30am - 11:20am MD (Ke - Sl) Kevin Wallace "System.out.badass" k staff icon ? MetaFilter
11:30am - 12:20pm MB (Ka - Sh) Daniel Davenport "Double D" hawaiian staff icon ? asahi.com
11:30am - 12:20pm MB (A - Hu) Stefanie Hatcher "Sugartastic Stef Kicks" hatchs staff icon ? Veritas WoW guild
none none Marty Stepp "Vicious D Marty Slick" stepp staff icon UW CSE 190 M The Onion
textbook coauthor:
none none Jessica Miller "Reverend Jessica Flash" jessica staff icon ? Kayak.com

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