CSE 190 M: Web Programming, Spring 2008

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TA Lab Schedule

TAs will be present in the Introductory Programming Lab (IPL) in Mary Gates Hall, rooms 342 and 334, at the following times each week, starting next Monday, April 7, 2008:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12:30 Amit Daniel Amit Daniel  
1:00 Amit Daniel Amit Daniel  
1:30 Amit   Amit   Kenneth
2:00         Kenneth
2:30 Brian Stefanie Ryan, Brian   Brian
3:00 Brian Stefanie Ryan, Brian Ian Brian
3:30   Stefanie   Ian  
4:00   Stefanie   Ian  
4:30 Ryan   Kenneth, Daniel Ian  
5:00 Ryan   Kenneth, Daniel    
5:30 Victoria   Kenneth, Morgan    
6:00 Victoria Kevin Kenneth, Morgan    
6:30 Victoria Kevin Morgan    
7:00 Victoria Kevin Morgan    
7:30   Kevin      

If you're in the IPL right now and the scheduled TA isn't there, please post to our course message board and/or email the instructor.

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