CSE 190 M: Web Programming, Spring 2008

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Final Exam:


The final exam follows the same regrade policy as the midterm exam (see below). You can slide your 190M final under Marty's office door with the proper cover sheet attached. Regrades will be accepted through the end of the first week of Autumn 2008 quarter.


The exam will have approximately five questions about the following topics: HTML/CSS interpretation, HTML/CSS programming, JavaScript/DOM/Prototype, Ajax/XML, PHP, SQL, PHP+HTML+SQL. The following topics are guaranteed NOT to be tested on the final exam:


These practice tests are intended to give you a general idea of the kinds of questions you may see on the real exam. The real exam will have the same number and general style of questions as the practice test. However, we do not promise that the real exam will exactly match the practice test in terms of difficulty level or the exact concepts covered. You are responsible for knowing all class material covered in lecture/lab/homework up through the end of Week 4, including recent material on JavaScript, the DOM, Prototype, events, adding and removing elements from the page, and so on. Ajax, XML, and Scriptaculous will not be tested on this exam.

Regrade Policy:

If your exam score was added up incorrectly, take it to your TA and they'll fix it for you.

If you disagree with the grading, such as if you think your solution actually does work, or that your solution is more nearly correct than it was given credit for, the procedure for regrades is the following:

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