Extra Sessions

Week 11 (12/7)

Today Phil talked about the backbone.js JavaScript library.


Week 10 (11/30)

Today Chris and Phil talked about the jQuery JavaScript library.


Week 9 (11/23)

No extra session this week. (Thanksgiving holiday)

Week 8 (11/16)

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Today Shiny talked about functional and object-oriented JavaScript.

Extra credit: Wordcount

  • Download Wordcount.html
  • Complete all the functionality:
    • Should print a count for the number of occurences of every word (see slides for hints)
    • Implement the two check boxes (can be done in one line with the appropriate filter/map
  • Turnin link

If turnin link is not working and you have completed it, email to shinyy@uw.edu for credit.


Week 7 (11/09)

No extra session this week, sorry! (We have to have a TA meeting at the same time as the extra session time.)

Week 6 (11/02)

Today Shiny showed how to set up MySQL on UW's "vergil" server and how to use SQL and PHP to create a little message board in the style of 4chan.

Extra credit: set up your own MySQL server on UW Web publishing :

  • Set up an account with UW Web publishing (see slides for link)
  • Set up MySQL server like shown in section
  • Write any php program that reads/writes from this database
  • Send a link to the working php file on your students.washington.edu page
  • Turnin link

If turnin link is not working and you have completed it, email to shinyy@uw.edu for credit.


Week 5 (10/26)

Today Shiny talked about using PHP to make web proxies, crawlers and search engines.

EXTRA CREDIT: Webster Web Proxy (turnin link)

(If turnin link is not up and you have completed it, please email link to shinyy@uw.edu for credit)

  • Working web proxy like this
  • Form where user can submit url that will be loaded with file_get_contents()
  • Replace hrefs in <a> to work correctly with proxy (do this with SimpleHTMLDom)
  • Upload working version on webster


Week 3 (10/12)

Today Zack talked about the reasons behind mobile programming and an introduction on how to make your sites mobile compatible.



  • CSS for Mobile Recipie Try applying it to your pie solution to see what happens, you may have to add the specific ids but check the comments in css to see what each style is messing with. Remember don't forget your meta tags:<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"/>

Week 2 (10/05)

Today Shiny talked about using twitter bootstrap to efficiently make beautiful websites.

EXTRA CREDIT: Grandma's Pies...Bootstrapped!


Week 1 (09/28)

Today Shiny talked about the new HTML5 audio and video tags, and how to embed your own fonts in a web page using CSS3; David also talked about how to use CSS3 to produce 3-D transformations and animation effects.


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