Uploading Your Files

The real fun of writing web pages is putting them online on a real web site for others to see. This quarter we'll be putting our lab work and homework on a server named webster.

Files are uploaded using a protocol called FTP. We will be using the secure variant, SFTP. You will need an SFTP program to upload files to your web space. All University computers have the necessary program to do this.

To do this from home you will need to download and install appropriate SFTP software onto your computer. See the Working at Home page about how to do this and then come back.

Note: The instructions below are for FileZilla. The procedure for uploading will differ slightly with other programs, but every SFTP program contains similar commands to what is shown below, so hopefully this will be enough to give you an idea of what to do. If you get stuck, please email your TA for help.

  1. Run the FileZilla program from your Start Menu. On computers in the IPL, it should be located in a FileZilla FTP Client start menu folder.
  2. In the FileZilla program, enter a server name of webster.cs.washington.edu . Use your own UWNetID and password, and enter 22 for the port. Press Quickconnect.

    When you connect for the first time, FileZilla will ask if you trust the server you're connecting to, since it doesn't recognize the server's security key. Click OK to carry on connecting.

  3. The left side of the FileZilla window is the files on your hard drive. The right side is the files on your web server space. Navigate the left side pane to the directory where you saved your files you want to upload. Navigate the right side to the public_html directory, which is the root of your web storage. Then drag the files from the left and drop them on the right.
    You may want to create a directory on the web server inside of public_html/ to put your files in, so that not every lab's files share the same folder. To create a folder, right-click the empty white space in the right pane and choose Create directory.
  4. Go view your files on the web by typing the following URL into your browser:
    • http://webster.cs.washington.edu/YOUR_UW_NETID/
    For example, if your UW NetID is johndoe, type the following URL:
    • http://webster.cs.washington.edu/johndoe/
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