We will not have proctored exams this quarter but students will be asked to complete a 60-minute midterm and a 110-minute final exam and to meet with their TA to discuss the results. Students who put in the effort to complete the exam and meet with their TA will get full credit for this exercise.

Midterm (10 points, due: Tuesday, 5/11, 11:59 pm)

  • Use this link to access the midterm. Ideally you would print this file and then give yourself 60 minutes to work on solving the questions. If you don't have access to a printer, you can view the file on your computer or phone and write your answers on separate pieces of paper.
  • Use this link to access the key to the midterm. Obviously you should not look at this until after you have completed the exam. Using this key, put a slash through any incorrect answers to the non-programming questions (questions 1 and 3). You might want to look at the solutions to the programming problems, but you don't have to grade your answers to those questions.
  • Scan your exam and upload the scan (preferably a pdf) using the link below:
    midterm turnin
  • Schedule a time to discuss your exam with your TA (should be completed by Friday, 5/14).

Midterm Content

The midterm will have the following structure:
Question Description Points
1 Recursive Tracing 15
2 Recursive Programming 15
3 Details of Inheritance 20
4 Linked Lists 15
5 Array Programming 10
6 Stacks/Queues 25
Total   100